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BizBuzzz App is next generation digital tool to enrich communities to get ahead in life. It will take any size and type of business to the next level. Extremely useful for consumers to stay up to date with latest business info and help them to make better decisions to save time and money. Consumers will be enabled to buy right services/products at right time from right people or business

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BizBuzzz is revolutionary concept in today’s mobile-oriented digital world. BizBuzzz provides Cloud based Technology Platform services as subscription model which includes Hosting Retail Solution for Businesses, Hosting non-Retail solution  and Platform for creating high visibility through Advertisement features like Buzz and Today’s Update etc. BizBuzzz Platform will be accessible to Business owners through Mobile (iOS, Android and Web) and end users will be able to access through (iOS and Android). It has reinvented the way business can be started, promoted and managed through mobile devices. BizBuzzz is an online marketplace for communities, where consumers and service providers come along to promote efficient and transparent business practices. BizBuzzz will keep on adding new features to help existing Businesses to reach next level.


BizBuzzz is built with mission and vision to
   – Grow your business by 15% plus
   – Minimize gap between Biz & Consumer
   – Maximizing WIN-WIN satisfaction for Biz and Consumer

BizBuzzz app will never interrupt its users with advertisements.

This sound interesting, let’s check below sections to learn how all this is achievable through your smartphone.


Check limitless features of BizBuzzz android app


High-powered and persuasive individual app to represents business as per it’s specific needs. ThaApp offers compelling features to keep customers up to date with any changes.


Lightening fast “Digital Billboard”. Business owners use BizBuzzz to grow their business by reaching out to all nearby app users with most recent business information.

Today's Update

In-house “Digital Board”. It showcases business information to customers, who visits your app.

All these incredible features The App, BizBuzzz and Today’s Update can be completely managed from the mobile phone. The BizUser can make any change at any time, it will be immediately reflected to all nearby app users.


During registration BizBuzzz app provides option to create BizUser or Regular User profile. Base on the profile created, user will have access to different features offered by app



To register with BizBuzzz as business user, you need to have Profile Photo, Aadhaar Card, Android Smart Phone & Valid Mobile Number.

Create Your TheApp
Create Your TheApp

Download & Install BizBuzzz app on Google Play Store. Start registration by phone number verification. Create your profile as business user and send help request for TheApp creation or create your own TheApp.

       Regular User       


Download & install BizBuzzz app from Google Play Store. Complete registration by phone number verification.

Explore BizBuzzz
Explore BizBuzzz

Stay up to date with near by businesses based on you location.


Our app has awesome features and flows to assist BizUser and Regular User. Few of them are below as screenshots of our android mobile app


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You can directly download BizBuzzz android application from Google Play Store by search "BizBuzzz" Or You can download from this URL: Download App

As a business user, BizBuzzz needs your Profile photo & Adhaar Card. During registration, Select profile option as a business user and follow guided steps. Please watch video for more details. Watch Video

TheApp is a high powered individual app to represents each business as per it’s specific needs. Now you don’t need to spend lakhs of rupees and wait for months to digitally represents your business online. Your business can go online within 2 weeks and will cost approximate Rs16 per day i.e. less than price of one cup tea. BizBuzzz app users around you will immediately know about your TheApp. You can completely manage your TheApp from your smartphone. Watch video for different TheApp. Watch Video

During registration, Select profile option as the regular user and follow guided steps. BizBuzzz helps you stay updated with current business information around you and make better decisions When you spend your time and hard-earned money. BizBuzzz will never interrupt you with any advertisement or notifications. You will have full control over your choices to block specific business around you or make them favorite. Watch video for more details. Watch Video

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