BizBuzzz is an initiative to build “Smart App For Smart People”.

Before digging deep, Why we call “Smart App For Smart People”. Let’s check why we call the smartphone a smartphone.

Around 8-10 years back our day to day needs was fulfilled by “mobile phone for making phone calls, mp3 players for music, Digital organizer for contacts, appointments etc…, GPS devices for directions, Portable TV for entertainment, Camera for taking pictures and Flashlight” plus many more.

Today, If we have to keep and manage all these devices individually, it’s scary. All these devices may cost 3-4 times more than one single good smartphone. Nevertheless, all these devices can not do the work what single Smartphone is doing.

In the same way, the situation is similar to individual apps in the market. Everybody wants an individual app, but we think everybody doesn’t need an individual app and everybody can’t afford individual app. We have a solution for this major industry problem.

BizBuzzz: Smart App For Smart People. It is technical smart and business smart.

Now, anybody can build own app with BizBuzzz app, and that’s also from the smartphone.Your app can be completely managed by the smartphone. Pick and choose the features needed as per your specific biz needs. Completely manage all contents Images, Text, Video etc. and All this happens instantaneously.

We at BizBuzzz continuously strive to

   - Grow your business by 15% plus
   - Minimize gap between Biz and consumer
   - Maximizing WIN-WIN satisfaction for Biz and Consumer